Rachel tonick

I've been training with Kerrie for almost 2 years. I am a group instructor myself and I needed a push so I got hooked up with a trainer at Box N Burn. I absolutely love training with Kerrie. Not only does she kick my ass, I really enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill. Kerrie is very motivating and knowledgeable about the sport. I walk out of every workout feeling great and I'm always looking forward to the next one.

Abby shaver

My Husband tricked me! I was not looking for a personal trainer but he came home one day and told me he bought me a package of three workouts that only I could use. Needles to say Kerrie really helped me open up to the idea of boxing workouts. After just the first session she noticed the areas that I needed to focus on and we hot to work. It's been almost a year now and I cannot get enough. Her attention to detail and personal touch makes her one of my all around favorite people.

cristina morara

I've been talking Kerrie's classes for 6 months now. The workout is amazing (you see results very quickly) and your confidence soars but Kerrie's training is what makes the most impact. She is consistently supportive, encouraging and she teaches me something new every class. I have loads of fun with her and she pushes me further and further each time. But what sets Kerrie apart from all of the other trainers is that she goes the extra mile. She'll take time after class to make sure  that I've understood a new technique or she'll have me practice it repeatedly with her until I get it. Her confidence in me makes me feel more confident. Kerrie is the Real Deal.