Breaking Down 'Body Hook - Head Hook' off the Lead Hand.

Everyone feels awkward when they're trying to master this double hook combo off the lead hand. It takes a little bit of time and repetition but feels great when it finally lands. Here I'm going to break down the mechanics behind the two punches, independently, and then how we put them together.


- Front leg should be loaded (meaning your bodyweight is shifted to that side)

- Short range hook aiming above the hip bone/below the ribs

- Push the hip forward, into the punch, driving the hip and squeezing the glutes at the top, engaging the legs and hips for power, rather than the arm

- After the punch lands, return to that loaded position you were in (right hand by face, elbow tight, left arm high)


- Use that front loaded leg, transfer your bodyweight towards the back foot

- Come up high with the hook, with the elbow nice and high following the fist

- Twist on the front toe to encourage your bodyweight to shift into that back foot, hips will turn here

- Punch connects with the target, weight is in the back foot, back hand is up by the face ready to follow through with the cross

So thats how to put the 2 together. Most common thing I see is people try to transfer the bodyweight on the first punch, to the body, not knowing that it shouldn't transfer, its more like a little stab shot from that left side, and then back to loaded position getting ready to drive the bodyweight across on the hook to the head.

Give it a try!

Check out the video tutorial here:

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