5 Fast Facts: How Sledgehammers Can Improve Your Boxing

Sledgehammers can help you win fights! NO! Im not talking about using them in a fight! That's street rules.

Adding sledgehammer exercises to your training, forces you to use your raw strength, and explosive power. As well as these 2 great fighter traits, it also offers multiple benefits.

Read below to see 5 huge benefits sledgehammers have to offer to your boxing skill-set.

All ya need in 1x Sledgehammer, and a big ass tyre.

1. Wrist Stability

Swinging the hammer around will help your wrist ligaments strengthen up, something hugely important to a boxer. We need them ligaments super strong to be able to make those devastating power punches.

2. Coordination

There is multiple muscles and joints at work here from the start position to the end position of the swing/slam. It takes an awful lot of coordination. As each rep gets completed, your training your body how to coordinate for optimal performance. This is something boxers rely on, we need to be efficient with our bodies. It even improves hand eye coordination, making sure those punches will never miss a target.

3. Agility and Rotational Strength

Being agile means we can move quickly and easily, something boxers depend on. Why? When we see an opening on our opponent, we need to be able to execute it quickly and easily. The same works in reverse too, if were in danger of being caught open, we need to move quick and easy out of there.

So by using this tool, you're teaching your body how to move fast and easy through various ranges of motion, a huge one being, rotational. Having good rotational strength for a fighter means, having more power in our punches and speed in our defenses.

4. Footwork

If your feet aren't stable, you're not gunna land this slam onto the tyre. Establishing a good solid base with the feet, and how to open up the hip into the start of the swing and bringing the foot back on impact. Boxers rely heavily on having great feet in the ring. Having a solid stable base so we don't get pushed off our feet, and being able to move our feet into positions that set up for our punches and defensive movement.

5. Core Strength & Balance

The core transfers forces between the extremities (upper and lower body.) Before any power movement can occur in the body, the core needs to be solid and stable. The more stable the core, the more powerful the movement. To move with balance means we are in control of our Centre Of Gravity (COG.) Anytime we move our body, your COG either moves with you to keep the body in balance, OR, you have to counter balance that movement by moving another part of the body. A fighter that isn't in tune with their COG will find themselves off balance.

The sledgehammer helps teach us and train us, that to generate the force and transfer power, we need that core engaged, and our COG working with us. Using this tool in your training schedule will help you develop this further.

The best thing about the Sledgehammer? YOU FEEL LIKE SUCH A BADASS. You feel so empowered while slamming it down.

So grab a hammer everyone, GET SWINGING!

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