5 Fast Tips: How To Get Ahead of the Plateau

The human body is mental!! How it acts and what it does!! Cray cray.

Think about it, first time you learn to drive, you're thinking of every little thing, where to put your hands, how to use the pedals, where to look, a few things going on at once....brain is doing overtime. Fast forward a few months later, you're driving drinking a coffee in one hand, pressing buttons on your GPS with the other, driving with ur knees controlling the steering haha, we've all done it. Your brain and body is on autopilot, you know how to drive so you don't have to overthink it.

Your muscles are the same. If you have a training plan, lets say, Monday morning you always run, Tuesday evening you always lift weights, etc. The first week or two you'll be sore, the third and fourth week you'll start seeing results, 5 and 6 you feel stronger and trimmer. Then it slows down........ your body has adjusted to the stimuli. Its does the workout without even thinking. Your body is tuned in to, running early on a Monday, lifting weights on a Tuesday. Your muscles are on autopilot and know the routine.


Here's 5 ways you can get back on the road to progress!.....


If weight lifting is in your program, your goal, whether it be size, endurance, power, should be getting met after a couple weeks, so to prevent hittin' the plateau, change ur routine up. How? Add on another set, add on more reps, increase the weight, decrease your rest, hit the muscle group and another angle, change the exercise up, change from barbell to kettle bell. Obviously only pick one of these at a time. But either way it creates a different workload for your body.


If its weight loss, ditch the scales. Change up your tracking methods.

Want to lose some lbs? Take measurements on the body, go get a body fat % test done.

Want to get faster? Time a 100 meter sprint.

Fitness test, set out 4 exercises, count how many reps you get at each one doing 30 seconds an exercise, next time around, beat it!

Set a daily goal, small, work, personal or fitness related, and get it done.


Switch your diet up, so that your body is pulling from different energy sources at different times instead of what its used to.

If you eat a carb heavy meal before a tough workout, switch up your energy source to fats and see how the body reacts!


When starting a new program, typical goals are "I want to lose weight", "I want to gain muscle". Now that were a few weeks in, lets fine tune those goals now. If gaining muscle is your goal, make it specific, to have stronger shoulders, or to beat your PR. Train with purpose.

Don't forget to celebrate every little goal you reach! They add up!


Don't have time to worry about the adjustments?......

Hire a trainer.

Having an experienced trainer who specialises in making your goals their priority makes a huge difference to your training. Us trainers will have every second of your workout planned out ahead of time. This will make sure there is a program in place to reach your targets, and when its time to make progressions, we'll know exactly how to make them.

All you need to worry about is showing up, AND GIVING YOUR BEST!

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