5 Fast Tips: Maximize Your Time at the Gym

Achieving your fitness goals, doesn't always equate to 'spend more hours in the gym, reach goals faster'.

A phrase you'll hear thrown around a lot is 'Train Smarter, Not Harder' and i believe it is a very true phrase. I'm gunna break this down for you, in my Fast 5 Tips: Maximizing Your Time a the


This post will also benefit all of you who feel like you have less and less time to squeeze in a workout.

Ive noticed that LA (compared to my home town of Dublin) moves so so so soooooo much faster! Leaving less time to spend at the gym.

Here's how you can reach your goals, while still having time in your life for other things!

And help those of you who have hit a slump and think you have to log more time to reach your targets!


It is true,,......if you don't post about your workout, then the workout doesn't count.

FECK OFF! No one wants to see a selfie of your best angle in the gym mirror in good light!

We are all guilty of it though! And knowing the next set of weights is gunna be tough, we get lost on Facebook or Instagram and all of a sudden its 15 minutes later! Lately I put my phone on airplane mode and i plug my headphones in and use Spotify.

You'll get less distracted by sounds and conversations around you, if the playlist is right, it'll help you perform better when its pumping you up. You'll not receive texts or calls and you won't engage on Facebook if you know you're in airplane mode! I'm speaking from first hand experience haha! I got a lot more done in my hour when i 'plugged out'


If you're spending anymore than 20 minutes on a cardio machine, you're wasting your time!

The most effective way of burning fat, increasing metabolism and increasing fitness levels is to use time efficient interval training. Two of my favorite ways to do this and proven, are through high intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) and Tabata Training. These two methods burn fat more efficiently and in half the time. Pick a circuit, set your timer, get to work!


What we eat before and after training can boost our goals massively.

If you're doing a tough workout like HIIT, or Boxing, or weights session, eating both carbohydrates and protein 45 minutes before, will help your performance, keep you energized and also helps you recover faster and build more muscle.

After a workout, your body is screaming to be replenished.

Again having a recovery drink with any electrolytes, amino acids, or protein, with some simple sugars, will vastly reboot your body and help you with your fitness goals.


Remember my last blog!? GO READ IT!

Lifting weights will not make you bulky! If you follow a well structured program, lifting will increase your fat burning metabolism, which will burn calories throughout the day while you're NOT in the gym!

Something I've been doing lately, which I have personally seen great success with helping me drop lbs, is lifting weights and using it for my cardio too. Although I work in a gym, its hard to find time to squeeze in all the exercises I want to get in during my training. So I've been doing my weights in triple sets with restricted time on recovery. I've noticed, by doing this, Im working my Cardiovascular system by restricting rest time, and completing 3 loaded weight sets back to back with short rest. I will elaborate on all this on one of my Podcasts, I could talk all day about anything fitness related haha!


Don't want to worry about............

"what body part should I train?"

"what workout will I do today?"

"I'm not feeling motivated enough for a tough one"

"I'm not sure if this food is good before I train"

Having an experienced trainer who specialises in making your goals their priority makes a huge difference to your training. Us trainers will have every second of your workout planned out ahead of time. This will make sure there is no time wasted from the moment you step foot onto the gym, to the moment you walk out.

Someone who understands the human anatomy, the different energy systems, and training nutrition, takes all the guess work out for you, and their knowledge will be the perfect way to maximize and speed up your results!

All you need to worry about is showing up!!

*To learn more about Training Techniques, listen out for future podcasts, Fighting Fit with Kerrie Christie, is on iTunes now.

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