5 Great Reasons: Women Should Lift Weights

On a mission to convince women, LIFTING HEAVY WEIGHTS is good for you, feck that, its GREAT for you.

One of the biggest gym myths out there is 'women will get big and bulky and transform into Arnold Schwarzenegger' by entering the weights room. LIES!

It takes a lot of eating, and lot of testosterone, to get like Arnold. Women on the other hand will see amazing results in their body composition by lifting weights, and there's a handful of other great benefits too listed below.

Its great to see that a lot more women are coming around to the idea of 'Strong is the new Skinny' and seeing amazing results in the gym. I've even had my own clients feel a sense of empowerment by lifting weights. It gives them a new sense of confidence when they look at a barbell loaded with plates, knowing, they just lifted that!

Getting stronger in your body and your mind, lifting weights has many benefits, and here's why you should get into your local gyms weight room NOW. No one ever got 'big' by accident, it takes a lot of hard work, time and dedication, to get big and bulky, for us women, adding in weight training will lean you out.

1. Fat Loss

Lifting weights gives a great 'afterburn' effect on the body. It can last for hours even days after we train. It does this by making our body use up more oxygen, which helps increase our calorie expenditure and increases our metabolic rate.

As women lose weight, we can also lose our hourglass shape. Aerobic exercise will burn up fat and muscle, so add some strength training to your training regime and you'll really see accelerated results while we create and sustain healthy muscle and keep your lovely curves.

2. Burn More Calories

The more muscle you have has a large impact on your resting Metabolic Rate (the number of calories your body burns daily)

The more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends.

We all know that losing weight is a case of calories in VS calories burned.

Why not have your body burning more calories each time you brush your teeth or send a text, just by having more healthy muscle on the body.

So if your body has a high resting metabolic rate, chances are THAT burger or that one glass of wine that turned into a bottle, won't have as damaging effects if your body is a metabolic fat burning machine.

3. Mentally Stronger

This is gunna sound so deep haha but bere with me!

Lifting weights, you're training yourself to fail. We lift weights that are heavier than what we can handle, to encourage our muscle to grow. So we have to hit failure everytime were in the weights room, in order to grow stronger.

MINDBLOWN......that happens in real life too, we hit a failure in life, and we don't turn away and give up, we come back stronger and try again. From my own personal experience, when I started training for physique shows and lifting weights, my mind and focus never felt stronger! I felt prepared taking on any challenge life threw at me, my confidence was up, my mental strength was solid, i found myself taking on new challenges and hitting them head on. I really believe weight training plays a huge part in the strong mindset i have today.

A lot of my clients say the feel empowered, seeing a barbell stacked with plates, knowing they have trained up to being able to lift it.

4. Flexibility of Joints and Muslces

By lifting weights, we move our muscles and joints through their whole range of motion. When we do this weekly, we are training our joints, all the tendons and ligaments, muscles, to get stronger. As we get older, we will need these healthy joints to stay active.

5. Improved Energy

Its totally normal to feel wiped out after an hour long run on a treadmill, or stationary bike. When lifting weights though, even though we've exhausted our muscles, weight training actually boosts our 'feel good' chemicals in our brain. Just like boxing, lifting can be very therapeutic, having a stressful day?..... hit the weights room and unleash some of those 'positive mood' endorphins.

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