5 Fast Tips: How to Improve Your Boxing Balance.

So a lot of the time in the ring, I notice its very common that people lose their balance.

When we have GOOD balance, it increases punching power, increases defensive abilities, increases footwork abilities, and improves your boxing ability and confidence.

Some of the common mistakes we see that DECREASE a boxers balance are; lifting the feet too much, forgetting to bend the knees, leaning forward, and spreading the feet too far.

If you relate to any of these, here's how we can fix it together......and as always, if you see me in the gym, fire your questions at me!!


Always keep your knees slightly bent. Like we always say, imagine you're on a surfboard. This makes you less likely to be pushed off balance when blocking shots.


Learn to sink the hips and not squat, in the ring.

Sinking the hips is a slight bend on the knees and the centre of gravity lowers with the hips. Squatting makes the butt poke out a bit (centre of gravity poke out) and the upper body goes forward........which will send the body off balance for punching.


Find your centre of gravity (CoG), generally in the hip area.

Be aware of it when moving around the ring. The hard part of having good balance is having your CoG under control when moving around the ring. When we drop the knees a little, your CoG gets lower and you'll instantly feel more balanced. We want to keep our upper body above our CoG. If we lean back to far, we're in no position to throw our punches and connect with the target. If we lean too forward you'll fall off balance and be in a position to get hit easy. Practice moving through your CoG/hips when throwing punches and get that technique perfect.


Always keep your feet on the ground, ESPECIALLY when punching. This increases your balance, and your power.


The best way to practice your technique, and even better in front of a mirror. Don't get cau

ght up in checking out your appearance though haha, we see you in the gym!!!!!!

Shadow boxing gives you time to break down your technique, working on all aspects; footwork, shifting the body weight, moving through your hips, keeping defense up, fully extending your punches, all safely with no force of hitting the air.

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