5 Fast Tips: Staying Motivated PAST January

So the turn of a new year and EVERYBODY is saying the usual, 'New Year, New Me'

I personally love it! Whatever it takes people to feel motivated and excited to take care of their physical health is fine by me!

So the first few days and weeks we're excited and motivated, and feeling kinda sick of the over indulging, so motivation is strong. But, after 3 - 4 weeks, when we're getting bored of the tough workouts and same foods, the motivation can deffo start to lag. There'll be a day when your 2 choices are "push through' or 'quit', and most people will choose the second option.

Before you know it the summer months hit, and you're fitness goals are long gone!

So heres 5 of my personal favorite ways to stay on top and motivated. I used these A LOT while I was training for my Fitness Physique competitions............


You see your own face first thing every morning, and catch your full head to toe shape a couple of times throughout the day (unless you work in a Boxing gym, haha, I'm sick of seeing my reflection in shadow boxing mirrors haha) so we're not going to see progress who others do. Its like watching paint dry. So when we're losing motivation we'll look in the mirror and see no changes. STOP! Take a progress pic and measurements, same time, every week. Friday morning before your first meal, whatever works. If you have stuck to your training program and been eating 80% good, the results WILL be there. So stop looking in the mirror and if you're feeling like quitting, look at your progress pics from previous weeks. Guarantee it will boost you.


Every 4- 6 weeks we should be changing up our routine. It doesn't have to be a huge shake up.

If you like to split body parts up for different days, change the way you split your days.

If you train legs one day and use the same 5 exercises every leg day, change the exercises up, confuse the body and the mind and make them work a little harder again.

If you find you're struggling to enjoy pushing yourself to go to the gym or exercise, and that initial new year buzz has worn off,...... joint fitness class so you have people there to push you, or even better, hire a trainer, really get tailored results and all the motivation you need!


If you go out and buy new gym runners (sneakers for all you non Irish people) you're going to be excited to wear em! Or a new training top, or gym bag! As a kid, anytime i got new football boots (soccer cleats) I would be sooooooo excited to get back to the training field and kick a ball around!

If you're not into clothes or the expense is a little too much, even buying a new protein powder, some bars, or supplements, will give you a little boost to work hard and try them out.


By setting a daily goal, you can give each day a purpose, coz we all know, CONSISTENCY is the key to reaching Any goal. Each day we chip away a little bit! If you give each day purpose, you'll be far more likely to show up ready to reach that goal. Each time you hit one of those daily goals, your motivation and feeling of accomplishment will go through the roof!

Think of it like building a house, one brick on top of the other builds a big wall! Each day is a brick!

Also, take a few moments when you're feeling unmotivated, to visualize why you are doing all this. What initially motivated you to start, find that feeling, and spend some time remembering why you want to be fitter, stronger, faster, healthier, whatever your goal is.


So important! Keeps you accountable to yourself, with a treat at the end!

I've always gone into diets as ALL IN, no bad food, no cheats, no fun, no enjoyment at all hahaha!

And it always ends bad after about 3 weeks.

At Thanksgiving I knuckled down on myself and tried to drop some weight before Christmas, i managed to get down 13lbs!

I had a cheat meal EVERY Friday night. I would work my ass off and earned and deserved a treat! And it motivated me to get another 6 days in to earn my next one!

So pick something to reward yourself with weekly.

It can be a cheat meal at a fancy restaurant, going to the movies and getting the biggest butteriest (is that a word?) popcorn, or buying yourself something small as a reward.

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