5 Fast Facts: Apples! They'll make you a better Boxer

An apple a day keeps the doctor away right?

An apple a day will also help you improve your Boxing!

When it comes to pre workout snacks, people always ask me whats the best thing to eat?

Whatever your goal, sports performance, fat loss, better health, apples are top of my Pre-Workout snack list.

When I used to fight, Id have an apple within an hour before I fought.


1. Endurance and Energy Extender

Apples will boost your endurance before a workout. They contain certain anti-oxidants that aid endurance by making oxygen available to the lungs.

When we're tired we huff n' puff for air in the lungs, when that air is steadily available to us, we can be more explosive and fight for longer.

What else do we need endurance for?..... keeping those hands up high, the more tired we get, the harder it is to keep that defense high and hands loaded ready to go. Anytime I fought, I always felt so focused and energized eating an apple beforehand. Apples definitely help keep the brain switched on, and the hands firing fast.

2. They'll Keep You Slim

Nutrients in an apples skin, contains acids that boost calorie burn.

Its also a negative calorie food, which means, your burn more calories than an apple contains, just by digesting it.

They also are a slow digesting fruit, which will help you feel fuller for longer, which will help if you're cutting calories.

3. Strengthens Your Immune System

Like I mentioned before, the antioxidants in apples contain so many benefits. Their health benefits on our immune system have shown us its helps relieve the symptoms of allergies, running nose, watery eyes, and swelling on the face. They have been associated with lowering risks of stroke, diabetes, and lowering bad cholesterol.

4. Improves Neurological Health

Everyone brain health is important, but Boxers, even more so, since we get punched in the head on the daily.

Tests have showed, nutrients in apples, help reduce cellular death that is caused by inflammation of neurons. They'll help your memory and help prevent Dementia. So another reason boxers should eat those apples!!

5. Decrease The Risk Of Diabetes

Just like other red, blue, purple fruits and veggies, their class of antioxidants were linked with a lower risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. Keeping you healthier for longer.

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