5 FAST TIPS: How To Increase Your Punching Power.

So now your hooked on boxing after taking a few Box N Burn classes, and you've started to really get the hang of different punches and combo's. Now, you're wondering how to increase that punching power!!

Well let me help you out :)

You don't need big arms to punch hard! You actually need your whole body involved in the movement.

A few common mistakes I help people with, are their feet. A lot of people lean forward, or reach into their punches, to try get that extra power. Power actually comes from the ground. So when we lean forward off our back leg, we lose 50% of our power straight away.

"Power = (acceleration) X (mass). Power is not only speed, you must have a force/weight behind that speed. A fast punch will not hit hard unless you put some body weight behind it."

Here's 5 easy adjustments to make and you'll start noticing those mitts pop a lot louder!....


Planting your feet will help generate power from the ground, and maintain your balance too, incase you miss that target.

So power = (acceleration) X (mass). If we throw an arm punch, we only have the weight of our arm behind the speed. If we plant our feet, rotate our hips and shoulders into the punch, we now have the weight of our body behind the speed, rather than just the arm. Add some rotational exercises into your workouts and you'll see the benefits in your punches.

If you're punching for fun and fat loss, when you throw big arm punches, you're not working your body efficiently. If we use our whole upper body to rotate into each punch, we will work more muscles, tone more areas, and burn more calories.


When I used to fight, I would shadow box with dumbbells, and hit the bags with 16oz gloves! So my hands got used to always feeling heavy,......the plus side, when I would fight in 10oz gloves, my hands felt light as air and the acceleration really helped me in my power.

So do some dumbbell punches, wear some heavy gloves to mix up your training, it'll all help towards getting that power!


Most of the power in our punches comes from the legs. They are the huge foundation in our strength and technique, so its important we train them!

A lot of fighters spend a lot of time doing roadwork (running) as part of their training camps, to help them with aerobic endurance for lasting 12 rounds in the ring. To help with our power and being light and explosive on the toes, we need to work on our anaerobic endurance, by doing plyometric leg exercises. When I was in training camps, I found box jumps the most effective. If you want an extra challenge and to really build explosive legs, hold dumbbells in your hands while you perform those box jumps.


Commit to your punches! If you don't, you can't fully utilize your power. Practice punching through targets when using the bags or on the mitts. When punching through the target, thats when the 'leaning' into your shots mistake, and the off balance over swing can happen.

Sink those hips a tiny bit, keep the weight in the legs, and use your rotational speed and leg strength to power up your punches.


As basic as it sounds!.......a lot of people hold their breath and tense up.

Holding your breath requires unnecessary tension in your muscles. This tension in the upper body will make your punches slower and weaker.

So exhaling when you punch means that they'll be more fluid and dynamic.

When you forget to breathe, you'll run out of steam! So by forcing the breath out when we punch, we are reminding our brain that we need to breathe to get through the rounds in the ring.

Picture a power lifter......does he quietly hold his breath when he lifts, or does he scream and force that breath out to get the most effective result of that power lift?

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