FAST 5 Tips: Sticking to a diet

So from competing as a Boxer and having to keep my weight in check, to competing as a Physique Competitor I know all about sticking to a diet, and the struggles it can bring too.

So Im gunna share with you, what I did when the going got tough, to help me keep on my healthy eating plan.

1. Prepare. Either prepare your meals and snacks, or, prepare your eating times and how your going to get food. If you can't always food prep, plan into your day the times you are going to eat, what you'll eat, and allow time to go and get it. I schedule it like an appointment!

2 Remind yourself why you are changing your lifestyle. I like to post little post-it notes in my bedroom, of what my long term goal is. So when I wake up in the morning, or last thing at night, I remember why I'm putting myself through this torture haha. If you have a target weight you want to hit, or a certain amount of inches you want to lose,... Hang up your favorite top, pants, dress, your trying to fit back in to, on your bedroom wall or somewhere prominent that you have to see it everyday, and trust me, it'll deffo make you think twice about straying off your diet for 10 minutes of tasty pleasure haha.

3 Eat Cheat Meals. Yes most diets (for fat loss) are deficit diets and low in sugar, but don't restrict your favorite foods for too long. Once a week, its good to treat yourself to your favorite meal or snacks. It'll motivate you to keep going with your diet, if you feel like you have worked hard to earn your treat. When the body is in a calorie deficit for too long, it panics coz the body's energy burned, is always more than the energy (food) intake, so it slows down your fat loss and stores whats left, thinking that its protecting the body from dropping too much fat. ( We need a small percentage of fat to protect the vital organs). The cheat meal will spike the metabolism back in gear and throw the calorie deficit into a'll notice you'll have more energy to burn in the gym the next day too!

*If you are having a cheat meal,.....its least destructive time, would be after a good workout, while the body is still burning up those calories!

4 Don't keep 'Off Diet' foods in your house. We all get itchy in the evening and at weekends right? Well if theres no temptation hiding in your kitchen, then you'll be far less likely to cheat on your diet.

5 Google and research ways to make your favorite foods, but with a healthy spin. A few weeks out from shows, Id have protein pancakes every morning! After eating them for 1-2 weeks solid, you forget what real pancakes taste like, and your mind just knows its eating pancakes!

Theres always healthy way to remake some of your favorite dishes!

AND REMEMBER,..............It takes 3 weeks to create a habit, so the first 3 weeks of a diet plan ALWAYS feel the hardest. Break past 3 weeks, and it'll get a lot easier from there! Especially once the results start showing!

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