1. Have you ever wanted to learn how to box or use boxing to get in the best shape of your life?

  2. Are you an amateur boxer who needs help with your boxing technique? 



As a FORMER AMATEUR FIGHTER and former assistant head coach to a stable of professional fighters, Kez understands what it takes to be a fighter. She can help you sharpen up on your all around boxing game, including:

  • Defensive game

  • Offensive game

  • Ring Craft

  • Countering

  • Footwork

  • Head Movement

Boxing is a full body workout, every muscle in your body gets used to move around the ring and throw punches. Every time you throw a punch, you engage your core!  Boxing also helps focus your mind, which improves your concentration.  You're also improving your overall body strength, coordination, balance, speed, reflexes, power, the list is endless.....

As Boxing is a form of self defense, you develop a sense of strength, confidence, self esteem and self wellbeing, its a very empowering sport.  Like we always say at Box 'N Burn, 'You don't have to be a fighter, to train like one'

Kez offers 1-1 Personal Training, and Small Group Training

Small Training Groups Available;

Mens Boxing Skills Group 

Womens Boxing Skills Group

Sparring Class (Taught by Kez, and Owner of BNB, Olympic Medallist Tony Jeffries)