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About Me


I'm Kez, a Boxing & Fitness Expert. 


A retired Amateur Fighter turned Professional Boxing Coach back home in Ireland. Moving to LA to pursue my passion of training people how to Box and get fit.

Ive worked with Box N Burn for over 6 years, and am the gyms GM and co-owner, we’re the experts when it comes to Boxing Fitness, being voted Californias #1 workout by Men's Health magazine.

I’ve trained 100s of people 1-1 in person, from Boxing for fights, for fitness, to not Boxing at all but doing Strength & Conditioning Training. 

I’m now bringing all this experience & knowledge and tying it together in a carefully programmed (100% by me) Online Training Program, so you can feel the full experience my clients get in my Boxing Gym in Los Angeles. 

I also work with the Box N Burn Academy where we teach fitness professionals how to teach Boxing, so I can 100% say, and confidently say, when it comes to Boxing Fitness, you are in the best hands. I don’t mean that in a big headed way. This is my thing, it's what I do!!!!!!

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