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  • Former Competitive Amateur Boxer

  • Former Competitive Soccer Player 

  • Former Competitive Physique Competitor

  • EQF LEVEL 4 Qualified Personal Trainer

  • FAI Kickstart Level 2 Qualified Soccer Trainer

  • BUI, WBA, WBC Licensed Professional Boxing Coach

  • TRX Certified 

  • ONNIT Battlerope/Kettlebell Certified

  • Post Natal Training Certified 

  • BNB Certified Trainer in association with Everlast Worldwide

  • Box 'N Burn Academy Teacher 

Box 'N Burn is voted California's #1 Gym, Kez is Head Trainer of the group classes, Elite Personal Trainer and the Gyms' Hiring & Trainer Development Manager.
Kez was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where she has been around sports her entire life. At age 10, Kez briefly played for English Premier League Football Team Crystal Palace. She continued to play Soccer competitively in Dublin after returning from England.   At 21 Kez decided to pursue a career in boxing and has never looked back.  Since the beginning of her boxing career, she has competed in amateur fights, and national tournaments in Ireland, and became Irelands 1st  Female Professional Licensed Boxing Trainer in 2015.

 In Dublin, Ireland, Kez worked under Paschal Collins at the world famous Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym. The Celtic Warrior Gym is also co-owned by former professional fighter and Irish legend, 2x World Champion, Steve Collins.

She served an apprenticeship under Paschal Collins (former pro) and with him learnt everything she knows today.  She was the assistant in numerous Professional Fighters training camps, some which won European Titles.  This is where Kerrie learnt how to train boxers for fights, and how to approach their Strength & Conditioning.  The Celtic Warrior Gym, was the first Pro fighters gym in the South of Ireland, and today still proves to be the most successful. 


Kez absolutely loves training people and sharing her passion with anyone who is looking to get fit and improve his or her quality of life. She helps her clients get fitter, stronger, gain confidence and reach their goals through her infectuous energy, resistance training, conditioning work and boxing. She also incorporates nutrition and a tailored diet for each individual depending on their specific goals.


Kez also attended College in Ireland obtaining credentialing which supports her well-rounded knowledge and approach to fitness and a supportive diet resulting in leading a healthier lifestyle.  After competing in Football (soccer), Boxing, and Bodybuilding Physique, Kez fully understands the time, dedication, and correct path to take when it comes to maximizing results.

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