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  • Former Competitive Amateur Boxer

  • Former Competitive Soccer Player 

  • Former Competitive Physique Competitor

  • EQF LEVEL 4 Qualified Personal Trainer

  • FAI Kickstart Level 2 Qualified Soccer Trainer

  • BUI, WBA, WBC Licensed Professional Boxing Coach

  • TRX Certified 

  • ONNIT Battlerope/Kettlebell Certified

  • Post Natal Training Certified 

  • BNB Certified Trainer in association with Everlast Worldwide

  • Box 'N Burn Academy Teacher 


California's #1 female boxing fitness trainer Kerrie Christie

Box 'N Burn is voted California's #1 Gym, Kez is Head Trainer of the group classes, Elite Personal Trainer and the Gyms' Hiring & Trainer Development Manager.
Kez was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland where she has been around sports her entire life. At age 10, Kez briefly played for English Premier League Football Team Crystal Palace. She continued to play Soccer competitively in Dublin after returning from England.   At 21 Kez decided to pursue a career in boxing and has never looked back.  Since the beginning of her boxing career, she has competed in amateur fights, and national tournaments in Ireland, and became Irelands 1st  Female Professional Licensed Boxing Trainer in 2015.


In Dublin, Ireland, Kez worked under Paschal Collins at the world famous Celtic Warrior Boxing Gym. The Celtic Warrior Gym is also co-owned by former professional fighter and Irish legend, 2x World Champion, Steve Collins. She served an apprenticeship under Paschal Collins (former pro) and with him learnt everything she knows today.  She was the assistant in numerous Professional Fighters training camps, some which won European Titles.  This is where Kerrie learnt how to train boxers for fights, and how to approach their Strength & Conditioning.  The Celtic Warrior Gym, was the first Pro fighters gym in the South of Ireland, and today still proves to be the most successful. 


Kez absolutely loves training people and sharing her passion with anyone who is looking to get fit and improve his or her quality of life. She helps her clients get fitter, stronger, gain confidence and reach their goals through her infectuous energy, resistance training, conditioning work and boxing. She also incorporates nutrition and a tailored diet for each individual depending on their specific goals.


Kez also attended College in Ireland obtaining credentialing which supports her well-rounded knowledge and approach to fitness and a supportive diet resulting in leading a healthier lifestyle.  After competing in Football (soccer), Boxing, and Bodybuilding Physique, Kez fully understands the time, dedication, and correct path to take when it comes to maximizing results.


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2XU Fitness Panel

April 26, 2018

Amazing to be asked to join 2XU team of athletes for their Fitness Panel, helping you get in shape for summer.

Was a great night, getting to share me passion with a team of passionate athletes and hosts. Thanks 2XU looking forward to the next one!

From dressing mannequins to being a Nike Featured mannequin

March 01, 2018

A career high here, for sure.  Recently the gym has been partnering up with the biggest brand in sports, Nike.  I used to work and manage a sports store called JJB Sports, dressing mannequins as part of my job role.  Now i'm living in LA, fitness capital of the world, having a featured mannequin in Santa Monica's flagship Nike store. The mannequin had my bio, and some of my favorite nike clothing and footwear.  Deffo a career high! Not bad for a girl from Lucan.

Brand New Live Series! BOX N TALK

December 30, 2019

How's it going gang! I have started  brand new Live Podcast/YouTube/Q&A series. Theres no easy way to put it in a box, so, lets not haha!

Every week I will be streaming live from the Box N Burn Instagram and Facebook, and uploading to YouTube and iTunes.

This is the official LIVE Q&A Podcast for California's Number 1 gym!

Hosted by myself, Kez, i shall invite different guests each week. Please follow and subscibe on iTunes, ad make sure you follow us on IG and Facebook. ..

Next Level Teaching, my experience in Austin, Texas.

January 01, 2020

One of the coolest experiences ever.  Being part of the BNB Academy team, proud to call myself an Academy Coach.  Passing my knowledge from being a Head Trainer at BNB, and my experience from fighting in Dublin.  This really is fairytale sorta work.  Today we came to the mecca of fitness education in the USA, ONNIT Academy, and delivered a Level1 and Level 2 Certification, in Boxing for Fitness.  Really really proud and inspired by Tony Jeffries, Kevan Watson, and Glenn Holmes for developing such an amazing program with the academy.  The curriculum is perfect to take anyone from no experience, to fighting experience, and gives them a system in which they can teach their everyday clients Boxing, fun and safely! Really love getting to be a part of this incredible tea, and help deliver some amazing courses.  

After thoughts from Box N Burn Academy Level 2, Austin Texas

January 01, 2020

The team talks about how Level 1 and Level 2 Academies went, in Austin Texas. jUNE 11TH 2017..

BOX N BURN Academy Level 1 - Onnit Academy, Austin, Texas

December 29, 2019

June 10th 2017, after thought from the Level 1 BNB Academy in Austin, Texas

Post Academy Thoughts, Orlando, Florida

May 21, 2017

Myself, and the Academy creators, chat about our experience getting to Orlando, and how the course went.

Box N Burn Academy Certifies 34 more Trainers.

December 25, 2019

The Box N Burn Academy travelled to the other side of the States May 21st, to hold its furthest from home course yet. 

We travelled to Orlando, Florida, to hook up with Title Boxing Gym, to use their excellent facilities.

The Academy went really well, considering we had to transport ourselves, and a lot of equipment, across the other side of the country.  

Ive been really enjoying being part of the Academy Team, helping them teach fitness professional and boxing enthusiasts, how to teach Boxing, and a structured way to teach absolute beginners so they can learn and have a lot of fun in their workouts. 

Next leg of the tour, haha, is Texas, June 10th, and June 11th.  Cant wait to get in the famous Onnit Gym, and see their set up.  

Highly recommend this course to anyone looking to expand their knowledge. 

Check out 

Check out my brand new Podcast, now on iTunes!

April 02, 2017

I recently started a Podcast called Fighting Fit with Kerrie Christie. Now available on iTunes. 

On my podcast, ill be going into more detail on my 5 Fast Tips posts, talk about absolutely anything fitness, give away my favorite training and diet tips, anything happening in the world of fighting, and of course, all things Irish.

Please subscribe, check it out, and let me know your feedback :

Box N Burn Academy Certifies 45 new trainers

March 26, 2017

Box N Burn Academy held its largest certification course this weekend, having 45 fitness professionals and enthusiasts come take the Level 1 Certification Course. 

Learn the fundamentals of Boxing, and how to teach Boxing to your clients with our Box N Burn Academy.

Check out for more details and dates.

Box 'N Life Podcast Guest

March 13, 2017

Honored to be guest on the Box 'N Life podcast with Tony Jeffries and Kevan Watson.  

We spoke about The Box 'N Burn Effect.  

Released Sunday 19th March on iTunes. 

Hitting Headlines Back Home

February 05, 2017

The Dublin City Gazette caught up with me to ask me all about who I'm training over here, how I got involved with Miss USA's training camp, and my plans going forward as my second year here has almost ended.

Training Camp with Miss USA 2012, Whitney Miller

December 01, 2019

Working alongside my gym partner in crime Tony Jeffries, to spar his fighter Whitney Miller, for her debut fight. 

The former Miss USA 2012 Winner, turned fighter.

Great experience to share my knowledge and experience with another fighter. 

She went on to win her fight. A victory for Miller and Jeffries.

Promo Video with Amateur fighter Andrew

November 15, 2016

Training with Amateur fighter Andrew.

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Kerrie's home is BOX 'N BURN, Boxing and Fitness Gym. Working from both locations, Santa Monica and Brentwood. The gym is equipped with top of the range fitness equipment, as well as two large boxing rings at each location.  


1654 Lincoln Blvd,

Santa Monica

CA 90404

11980 San Vicente #106

Los Angeles

CA 90049